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Primary Eye Care

PRIMARY  EYE  CARE  includes, but is not limited to, urgent and comprehensive eye evaluations.  During these evaluations we monitor and treat eye diseases and conditions that may be asymptomatic and provide refractive services and products to promote the best visual function.  We often recognize ocular manifestations of systemic diseases and coordinate care with primary care physicians and specialists when appropriate.


Jason Ritter, O.D. Bryden Family Vision

The American Optometric Association recommends that people of all ages (even those with 20/20 vision) should have a comprehensive eye examination every one to two years.


Our examinations are performed with time and care.  We make doctor/patient time a high priority to promote a healthy experience and ensure your cares and concerns are discussed and managed appropriately.





A dilated pupil examination allows us to provide the best assessment of your eye health.  It is recommended for all new patients.
(Photo: A Cataract that is best viewed during a dilated eye examination.  Petracca, OD)

Most Insurances are Accepted!!!