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Low Vision Services


What are Low Vision Services?


Low vision, or impaired vision, is a term that describes a reduction in vision, even when wearing the best possible prescription glasses.  It is important to know that this is not the same as blindness.  A person with low vision may have trouble with everyday tasks such as driving, reading, shopping, watching television, or sewing.  When eyesight cannot be improved with glasses, surgery or medicine, people need help learning how to maximize the useful remaining vision to keep their independence.  



Estimates from the US Census Bureau predict the population in the country will increase ~30% Magnifiersbetween 2000 and 2030.  Over the same 30 years, those aged 65 or over will increase more than 100%!   As people age, they often experience a reduction in thier visual potential from age related ocular conditions and eye diseases.  At Bryden Family Vision, we recognize the needs of this growing population and are happy to offer low vision services to help our patients stay as independent as possible.  Most of the low vision services include a combination of training and education with glasses and specialized devices.