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Frame and Lens Services


Beautiful Female Frame

Style and Comfort Matter!

A good first impression is often based on a smile and friendly eye contact.   An attractive current frame that is comfortable and fits your facial features will help you make the best first impression possible!


Quality Frame Selection

Quality Matters !

We believe that your enjoyment of a quality product will last a lot longer then the perceived thrill of a bargain at a big box store.  We provide glasses that are competitively priced, manufactured to a high standard, and backed by a solid warranty. You can rest assured that you're not purchasing a poor quality pair of glasses, and that we stand behind the products that we dispense.

Selection Matters !Quality Frame Selection

We take into account your day-to-day needs as we assist you in selecting a frame.  We understand that your occupation, hobbies, and needs require a frame that will handle your life demands.  We can provide helpful suggestions as you're selecting a frame to better ensure you will be happy with your choice.


Experience Matters!

It takes years of experience to improve one's ablity to adjust and fit a pair of glasses to another person's facial features.  With years of experience, we can help improve the quality of your visual system by making sure your glasses are made and fit properly for you!


Lens Options Matter
With spectacle lenses, there are a wide range of available features.  New technology is constantly evolving to increase the comfort and performance of your vision.  However, not all available features are right for everyone.  At Bryden Family Vision, we can provide you with information on each of these features and help you make the best decision for your needs and lifestyle. 

EyeGlass Guide


Transitions &  Photogray

Transitions and Photogray lenses change to different light conditions.  Light from the sun contains ultraviolet rays which causes the lenses to darken.  Both Transitions (plastic) and Photogray (glass) lenses block over 95% of ultraviolet rays, helping to protect your eyes.   When indoors the lenses lighten to be clear.  When in your car, the lenses only partially darken due to the  the car windshield blocking the ultraviolet light. Transition Lenses










Hard Coat Finish

A hard coat finish is a coating of silica particles that are baked on all surfaces of the lenses.  This finish resists scratches.  Over time, lenses with a hard coat finish will have less scratches than those without this finish.


Anti-Reflective Coating

Antireflective Coating

When you look at a high quality camera lens, you will note a colored sheen on the surface of the lens. This is an Anti-Reflective (ARC) Coating. This same coating is available for your glasses. This coating reduces reflections and glare from lights by over 80%. This feature reduces headaches and eye fatigue caused by reflections off computer screens and overhead lights.  




We Stand Behind What We Provide

We want you to have COMFORTABLE VISION!!!  If you're experiencing any problems with your vision, glasses, or contact lenses, we want to know so we can make it right for you.  As a  courtesy, eyewear adjustments are provided free of charge during all open business hours.  Adjustments are needed periodically to improve vision and comfort while wearing your glasses.