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Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Examination  

Prior to a contact lens examination, it is important to have a comprehensive vision and eye health examination.


During the subsequent contact lens evaluation, there are many factors to consider before being fit with contact lenses.  These factors include occupation, hobbies, eye health, and sports.  The need for bifocal, astigmatism or speciality contact lenses must be considered.Clear comfortable vision with Contact Lenses

It is necessary that we measure the shape and contour of your cornea at the front of the eye.  In addition, we also check your tear production and ocular allergies that could alter your success with contact leneses. 


Insertion and Removal Training

Inserting Contact Lens

Putting contact lenses on and taking them off for the first time can be difficult.  With a little practice, this effort becomes much easier.  Our knowledgable and friendly staff will do an excellent job assisting you in this training. 





Contact Lens

Specialty Contact Lenses

At Bryden Family Vision, we are able to fit a variety of specialty type contact lenses.  The following is a list of lenses that are often needed for comfortable vision.

*Bifocal Contact Lenses

*Monovision Contact Lenses

*Astigmatism Contact Lenses

*Sports (daily disposable) Contact Lenses

*Keratoconus Treatment